Thailands National Lottery to Stop Paying Out Prizes in Cash

 The Government of thailand  has stopped the payout lottery prizes in cash, immediately effect. Winners can draw their money prizes through one of 03 channels, according to Govt deputy spokes person Traisuree Traisoranakul.

Thailands National Lottery to Stop Paying Out Prizes in Cash

Thailand’s national lottery to stop paying out prizes in cash

The winners get the money transferred to their bank accounts,  except if the prize exceeds 2 millions baht, for which the winner  must have an account at either the Government Savings Bank or the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC).

Alternatively, the winners will receive a checque, made out to the winner, from the Krung Thai Bank’s GLO branch office. Finally, winners will claim their prize money at any branch of the Government Savings, Krung Thai and BAAC banks.

Traisuree stated that, aside from no similarly cash payments from the GLO,  the policies which cover claiming prize cash stay unchanged, together with  the claimant must be an man or woman, at least 20-years-vintage and the  prevailing lottery tickets ought to be free of erasure marks, scratches or large damage.

She stated that winners with “intricate” tickets can still claim the  prizes, however it could take longer for officers to test their  authenticity.

She counseled lottery winners not to show their triumphing tickets in  public for their own safety.

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